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Improve Internal & External Communication

The best method of communication inside and outside of a work place is actually NON-VERBAL.  Especially if that information ever needs to be recalled.  Let’s automate this type of communication with prompts, colors, and text in order for it to be recalled if needed.  

Collect Actionable Data

Conditional Logic forms are a large part of this system.  Ask the right questions at the right time, and get all the information you need from the customer to create a proper repair profile.

The most productive person on your staff, and not even human, TARS-IO.


1. Gain Information

A Form for the staff to fill out that asks the right questions at the right time.

2. Build a Repair File

With the proper information build a file that is consistent with all customers and vehicles. Consistency is key to reproducible quality.


3. Customer Autonomy

Automatically update your customer as to where their vehicle is in the shop. And autonomously follow up to ask for a google review ONLY if you feel it was a 5-star job.

4. Unified Staff

Keeping your staff on the same page is a challenge.  Let autonomy help you out.  TARS-IO Prompts them with what to do, and when to do it.

5. Project Management

Everyone will know what is going on with each vehicle at all times. No guessing, no surprises, just touch time.  Even the insurance company is kept up to date on the vehicle status.


6. Saved Time

My calculations show that TARS-IO is the equivalent to 3/4 of one full time employee. That means TARS-IO works for $3.125/HR. You’ll wish TARS could fix cars.

7. Saved Costs

By reducing the waste you already have going on, your saving costs.  By boosting productivity, your gaining net profits.  By eliminating redundant, repetitive tasks, your going to get ahead! 

8. Ticketing System

If TARS-IO gives you any issues what so ever, submit a support ticket and we will look into it immediately.  </> Code is life </>

9. We are Innovation

We are constantly adding new features to track, help, and take a load off collision shop owners, after all the creator of TARS-IO, is a collision shop owner. 

"I know that I created TARS-IO. But I am so glad I did, happy customers, way more free time to focus on what matters!"

-Myles Chaput

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