Totally Autonomous Response System – Input Output.  TARS-IO was created to solve many problems and alleviate stress within my business, please click each feature below to learn more and see how TARS-IO can help you!


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Birthed in a collision repair shop TARS-IO is a process

Solving these problems.

   As a collision repair shop owner, I realized the complexity of the industry and realized if I didn’t start to automate what can be automated, I was going to have a mental break down.  I was not happy with the bulky management systems available, they require too much input and honestly provide too much useless data.  It all started at a PPG Green Belt training seminar, the instructor kept using the phrase “hair on fire.” I kept thinking, my hair is always on fire.  If you have “hair on fire” days in your shop, you need TARS-IO.

Inconsistent Claims Data

In order to repair a vehicle properly, we need specific claim and loss information. Using conditional logic, by TARS-IO, our Customer Service Rep can now easily know what claim information to get, and at what time. This also creates the foundation to build each claims file the same way, more unity!

Customers Not Being Updated

We eliminated the manual need to update customers on vehicle status. This was taking up my day, and my phone would constantly be ringing or buzzing with texts. Using TARS-IO, customers get autonomous updates while the vehicle is being repaired. Now our phone only rings when new claims are coming in, no more updates!

Production Board Inconsistencies

Leaving a production board to human input is a disaster. We found that our production board was inconsistent, and we had to manually input updates through our management system, or other means.  Now it is updated completely autonomously by barcodes that the technicians have to scan. Eliminating as much human input as possible, means unity.

Bulky Management Systems

The management systems out there are bulky, require too much input, and don’t do what I need done for my customers at the price point I wanted, and cannot easily be modified without added costs.  TARS-IO is not a claims management system, but rather a staff, insurance, and customer management system.  I don’t have any other management system in my shop, just a nice dashboard.

Technician Confusion

Constantly telling people what to do, was driving me nuts.  with TARS-IO there is alot less of that going on.  TARS-IO will autonomously prompt staff on what to do based on a combination of the production board, KANBAN boards, and SMS.  Oh and guess what, it all happens on the back end from the barcode system in the shop.

Technician Efficiency

Being a shop owner, my technicians touching cars is important, critical I would say.  TARS-IO was made with the technician in mind.  By scanning barcodes with a smartphone in as little as 3 seconds all this can happen: production board updated, sms sent to admin staff to update the file, sms sent to supplement writer to come see the technician for additions, sms sent to customer for status update, next department made aware for upcoming job, sms to sublet to come in and do work….and much more.  All this with one action from the technician…amazing!

Sublets Chaos

We found that periodically a vehicle would progress in the repair process without the proper sublet knowing to come in.  I.E. a vehicle is in paint but there is a dent on a blend panel that needed PDR.  TARS-IO eliminates this with no extra input from anyone.

Not Enough Google Reviews

I ask the young customers coming in, why did you choose us?  They always say “I looked at your google reviews…”.  This is free advertising.  I see far too many shops with bad reviews, or very few reviews.  Why not capitalize on the jobs that you know are 5-Star worthy?  TARS-IO will automatically send SMS to the customer after a set period of time with a link to ask for a review, only if you think it’s 5-Star worthy of course. See for yourself google “Funk’s Autobody”


No Free Time

I used to have no free time. No time to plan business development, no time for lunch, no time for customers to chat.  Now with TARS-IO, things run smoothly, everyone knows what’s going on and what to do, and I have way more free time to plan ahead and enjoy my workplace.  TARS-IO is like a production manager! TARS-IO is doing around 5000 tasks each month for myself personally.

Insurance KPI's Not Optimal

I found that we were missing critical updates to the insurance company affecting KPI’s.  With TARS-IO, automated SMS prompts to admin staff ensure that the insurance company is kept as up to date as the customer is!  KPI’s are now rock solid at perfect, and the office is flying in harmony!

The Sky Is Not The Limit

I understand not every collision shop runs like mine does.  I also have only listed a few of the features here due to the extreme integration that TARS-IO can provide.  But with an evaluation of your current process, TARS-IO can be modified a la carte to mesh perfectly in your workflow.  Let’s turbocharge your entire business productivity. Check out the newly added RPS (realized parts savings) tool!

Free RPS Realized Parts Savings Tool

What Customers Are Saying

  • Would absolutely recommend Funks Auto Body. They did a fantastic job fixing a dent on my car, plus they detailed the interior. My car looks like brand new again. Also, they kept me updated on the progress of my car through text messages. So I knew when my car would be ready. Great little feature. Thank you ☺️ Delma N. July 2021.


  • My experience was all positive. My SUV was done days ahead of time. I extremely liked the updates via by text showing the status of my SUV. Kelly B. Feb 2021

Creative Team

Myles Chaput

Myles Chaput



Due to the a la carte nature of TARS-IO, these prices are a general guideline for a shop that does up to $2M of sales per year.